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Eilar Associates, Inc. is a team of highly qualified individuals with a reputation for precision, accuracy, timeliness, and accessibility. Our team provides a final product that is both thorough and concise, presented in a manner that is clear to the reader even without a background in noise and/or vibration. Our talented staff has a broad range of experience in acoustics and works together as a collaborative team to meet client needs efficiently and effectively.



 Jonathan Brothers, Principal Acoustical Consultant   

Education: B.A., Audio Arts & Acoustics, Columbia College, Chicago

Organizations: ASTM international Committee E33 (Acoustics), Member; Institute for Noise Control Engineering, Member; Acoustical Society of America, Member; County of San Diego CEQA Consultant List, Approved Noise Consultant

Jonathan participates in many projects involving construction noise evaluation and monitoring. He has particular expertise in architectural acoustics, analyzing, evaluating, and recommending mitigation for existing and proposed projects. Jonathan conducts many of the firm’s ASTM compliance NIC and ISR tests for documenting existing assembly performance ratings. Jonathan’s background in construction allows him to quickly identify noise issues in existing construction. Jonathan also provides litigation support and expert witness testimony. Jonathan serves as quality control for all acoustical proposals and reports at Eilar Associates, Inc.

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Amy L. Hool, Senior Acoustical Consultant   

Education: B.A., Audio Arts & Acoustics, Columbia College, Chicago

Organizations: Acoustical Society of America, Member; Institute for Noise Control Engineering, Member; County of San Diego CEQA Consultant List, Approved Noise Consultant

Amy is involved in many environmental noise studies and manages, analyzes, and resolves complex mechanical noise issues for both newly developed and existing projects. Her experience also includes numerous wireless telecommunications facilities and public and private school facilities for LEED, CHPS, and DSA-HPI certifications.

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Dan Gershun, Acoustical Consultant   

Education: Masters of Science Teaching, Astronomy, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming; B.S., Physics, University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut

Organizations: Acoustical Society of America, Associate Member

Since joining Eilar Associates in 2016, Dan has been involved in a wide variety of projects, including acoustical design and noise control for mixed-use buildings, commercial buildings, transportation facilities, and performing arts facilities.  He has also participated in several projects involving traffic and construction noise evaluation, control, and monitoring. Prior to joining Eilar Associates, Dan worked as an Independent Contractor for a home theater consultant, providing technology research, drafting, and technical recommendations.

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Mo Ouwenga, Acoustical Consultant

Education: B.S., Acoustics, Minor in Programming, Columbia College, Chicago

Organizations: Acoustical Society of America, Member

Mo has specific training in architectural, environmental, and engineering acoustics, as well as computer architecture, numerical analysis, and software development. For his senior project at Columbia, he analyzed different noise metrics and their effectiveness in measuring commuter railway noise. He developed software to calculate noise levels using different metrics. While keenly interested in acoustical software development, Mo particularly enjoys solving problems related to environmental noise impacts in residential spaces. Since joining Eilar Associates, Mo has worked on a diverse set of projects, including residential subdivisions, restaurants, community parks, and office spaces.

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Jennifer Martin-Roff, Acoustical Consultant

Education: M.Sc., Sound and Vibration, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden; B.A.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Jennifer’s varied background in acoustics ranges from audio design for Nokia mobile phones to a research investigation into the human ear’s mysterious abilities at ultrasonic frequencies. She has recently returned to her acoustical consulting roots at Eilar Associates, where her career began, and is involved in all types of noise studies.

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 Maria Leech, President and CEO   

Maria became President and CEO in 2013 at the time of her husband Doug’s passing. As an officer of the company since 1990, she has an in-depth knowledge of the company’s mission, clients, subcontractors, and personnel. Maria holds two Master’s degrees and has been involved in contracts and budget administration for thirty years. She is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients in a professional, accurate, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Please contact Maria to address any administrative issues including contracts, invoicing, and insurance.

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 Melissa Counts, Executive Assistant/Contracts Manager   

Melissa holds an AA degree in Spanish. She joined the Eilar team in 2014. Her diverse office experience, cordial manner, and ability to prioritize enhances all of our efforts. Melissa will get you to the right person when you need assistance.

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